Namibian Bursaries For 2014 -

university administered bursaries and loans - the national and provincial governments make bursaries available to promising students whom they would like to have working for them after graduation, the law society news - law society of namibia for the past few months the sadc lawyers association sadcla has been closely observing the developments in south africa, corporate governance ohorongo cement pty ltd - mr hans wilhelm sch tte is the managing director of ohorongo cement pty ltd he is a namibian citizen who returned from central europe to namibia at the end of 2008 he has more than 25 years of experience in a financial environment and has a strong background in finance sales and marketing activities, top 10 secondary schools namibia serve africa - 6 ruacana vocational high school 7 karibib private school a high standard of performance is set for learners as well as teachers in the way they perform tasks or conduct themselves on school grounds, diploma in counselling and communication sacap - sacap december 18 2014 andrea with this sacap diploma you will be able to work as a sacap counsellor who working with supervision can do several things including provide short term supportive counselling excluding psychotherapy in a range of counselling environments with diverse individuals and groups identify but not diagnose or treat possible mental health disorders and refer, marenica uranium project namibia - marenica uranium project namibia marenica energy limited 75 xanthos mining limited 20 namibian millennium minerals 5 namibian, university of namibia open your mind - the university of namibia unam is the largest and leading national institution of higher education in the country it is a diverse institution with a student population from all over the continent although a relatively young university it has grown to support a student population of 19 000 this year, ultimate safaris namibia about our tribe - ultimate safaris namibia as a leader in ecotourism and adventure travel that pioneers new approaches to travel in namibia ultimate safaris is committed to providing world class experiences for discerning travelers in some of the most spectacular natural locations on earth a journey with us is an adventure that promises not only to capture imaginations but is also one that leaves guests awe, fact file sf kpv 14 5mm heavy machine gun defenceweb - the kpv is so far the most powerful machinegun ever manufactured in quantity having about twice muzzle energy of 12 7mm machine guns pic the kpv vladimirov hmg mounted as a zpu 1 the weapon in this photograph appears to have been pictured in afghanistan accuracy is not dependent on gun, about allan gray orbis foundation - ayanda joined allan gray in 2014 as head of people operations traditionally called hr prior to joining allan gray she worked as a strategic development executive for the clicks group and held various positions within the massmart group, current scholars canon collins educational and legal - having started her working career as a computer programmer sara later moved into the field of education and became a teacher her key research interest is understanding the work of teachers who face challenges in south africa s poorest schools, paarl boys high 150th world schools festival 2018 sa - blog from 15 october 2017 boishaai 150th festival out of the box thinking may be needed to prevent cricket scores the paarl boys high 150th rugby festival overseas team are closer to being finalised and the challenge of putting together competitive fixtures required for overall success is coming to the fore now