The Buddha And The Terrorist The Story Of Angulimala -

amazon com the buddha and the terrorist 0019628725202 - this is a simple story simply told and it is so relevant for those of us in the western world at this time christians may preach understanding and forgiveness but we fail miserably in the practice, a gulim la wikipedia - the story of a gulim la is most well known in the therav da tradition two texts in the early discourses in the p li language are concerned with a gulim la s initial encounter with the buddha and his conversion and are believed to present the oldest version of the story the first is the therag th probably the oldest of the two and the second is the a gulim la sutta in the, buddhas of bamiyan wikipedia - the buddhas of bamiyan persian bott h ye b miy n were two 6th century monumental statues of gautam buddha carved into the side of a cliff in the bamyan valley in the hazarajat region of central afghanistan 230 kilometres 140 mi northwest of kabul at an elevation of 2 500 metres 8 200 ft built in 507 ce smaller and 554 ce larger the statues, the world s religions ninian smart 9780521637480 amazon - the world s religions offers a fascinating insight into a wide range of faiths their history and their followers in the richly illustrated new edition of this popular book religions are described through their symbols rituals followers architecture and art, greatest people of all time top ten list thetoptens - 5 buddha gautama buddha also known as siddh rtha gautama shakyamuni buddha or simply the buddha after the title of buddha was an ascetic and sage on whose teachings buddhism was founded he is the greatest human to ever born not to compare buddha with any other being he never killed anyone he even converted a angulimala a bandit, islamism wahhabism confused cassandras colombo telegraph - wahhabism is not a political phenomenon and therefore does not fall into the category of islamist movements like al qaeda taliban boko haram or isis even though many of the members of these groups are wahhabis and are from saudi arabia